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Become a Tipster
Still reading and still interested? if the above points are applicable to you then please read further on where we will explain a bit more about your role as a WAP Bets tipster.
Consistency is key
Gaining the trust of punters by offering a trial may make you a tipster, but you’ll need to consistently make profits to keep punters interested in your service in the long run. Most experienced punters accept that making a profit from gambling is a long-term goal, but they’ll still expect you to have more winning than losing months.
They’ll also expect you to be responsible with their betting bank and provide a consistent staking plan, if you are unsure on this then our team can assist you.
Do you have the correct skills / mindset?
As briefly touched upon in the last paragraph you need to have the will power and a disciplined mind set, for example; if you are on a losing run and can't seem to buy yourself a winner the worst thing you can do is get complacent and risk damaging any long-term profits. Members would much rather you stick to max confidence bets than sending out stuff for the sake of it to try and make up for loses.
Be ready to prove yourself to doubters
Many tipsters find it difficult to build a following, which is why many tipsters now prove themselves by offering a trial with popular betting platforms that offer you the chance to connect with thousands of potential members that have been built up over many years, as a tipster you will always come under scrutiny at some point but if you have the determination and will power to prove the doubters wrong then you will soon become well-established.
Become fully tried and tested
We already have lots of established tipsters that have proven to us and their members that they have what it takes to make a profit from gambling. That being said we’re always looking to discover new tipping talents, whether that’s in sports we already cover or in other. Anyone wanting to join our platform will have to impress during their proofing period. 
Here at WAP Bets we often get asked how to become a tipster and there are several things you need to consider before taking your first step to a new full-time / part-time job.
Your Role As a Tipster
We will take care of all the marketing side of things and create you your own website (Free of charge) all we will need is a service name and a few paragraphs from yourself giving us and any potential members some background info, from then on all you have to worry about is where the next winner is coming from!

With the number one goal being profit it doesn't matter if you specialise in Horse Racing, Golf, Football etc, if you can make profits following a staking plan then we're interested!

That being said; the more popular the sport the more members you will tend to rack up, a popular tactic by tipsters is to run an advisory service with two sports eg Golf and Horse Racing so that they are essentially getting two services for the price of one which will 1) increase sales 2) mean you will have bets all year round depending on the nature of the sport.

We pay our Tipsters an above industry standard of 40% of all ongoing and new subscriptions, at the end of the every week (Sunday) you will be paid directly via BACS or PayPal 
If at this point you are still interested then all you need to do is prove your skills by taking a trial period with us. Whether you want to be a Horse Racing tipster, Multi-sports tipster, or even cover U'21s American Basketball then we’ll be happy to discuss your potential new service when you get in touch.
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